Get Your Compost Bucket

Fill out the form to make sure you live in the service area. We’ll give you a bin and get you on the schedule.


Fill Your Bucket to the Brim

Whether you’re sharing your bucket with a neighbor or your family fills it to the brim weekly, don’t be shy with your compost heaps!


We Pick Up Your Bucket Weekly

Once a week a Down To Earth team member will ride their bike and trailer to your house and exchange your dirty bucket for a clean one.

Compost Comes Back To You

Twice a year customers have the option to receive up to 20 gallons of finished compost for their indoor and outdoor gardening needs to produce the best cannabis concentrates in Maine.

Why Composting?

At Down to Earth we have built some of the best gardens in Maine using excavators, it is very easy to find an used excavator for sale in Maine as there are many excavator companies in Maine through out the state. Composting is a win-win-win for your family, your community and for the environment. When you sign up for a Down to Earth bin, you are supporting a community wide effort to reduce unnecessary waste in landfills, prevent groundwater pollution and reduce our carbon footprint. Compost puts your food waste to good use and nourishes your plants, which leads to bigger, healthier yields. An excavator is an effective tool at mixing large compost piles, getting the right excavator attachment will simplify this process.

How To Make Your Own Compost

Composting is a simple way to reduce your household waste, while producing a valuable fertilizer for your garden. It's easy to make your own compost, and there are several methods you can choose from.

The most common method of composting is aerobic composting. This is where organic matter (such as grass clippings, leaves, vegetable scraps and paper) is placed in a bin or container with plenty of air circulation. The material will decompose over time, creating an earthy-smelling soil amendment that can be used to enrich your gardens and landscape beds.

Hot or fast composting involves mixing together all the ingredients in one pile and allowing them to break down quickly into rich compost that's ready to use in a few weeks. This method works best if you have plenty of yard waste and access to a garden shredder or chipper for breaking down larger pieces.

Vermicomposting is another option, which uses worms to quickly break down organic matter into compost. You can purchase composting worms from a local nursery, or find them in your yard or garden. To use this method, you'll need a bin with good drainage and ventilatioin holes, along with bedding material like shredded paper towels or leaves. Place the worms inside the bin and add the organic mix - they'll quickly start breaking it down into nutrient-rich castings that can be used around your plants and garden beds.

No matter which method you choose, there are some simple steps you can take to ensure your compost is rich and healthy. Make sure the material is moist but not too wet - moisture helps break down the organic matter, but if it's too damp it can create anaerobic conditions that could cause odors or attract pests. Also, try to maintain a good balance between green (nitrogen-rich) materials like grass clippings and brown (carbon-rich) material like leaves or dead plants. Adding equal parts of both will help speed up the decomposition process and produce better-quality compost.

Making your own compost is a great way to reduce household waste and improve the health of your garden soil. With just a few simple tools and ingredients, you can create nutrient-rich compost that will help your plants thrive. So get started today and give your garden the boost it needs!

By talking to Excavating Pros you can get a better idea of what might help you accomplish your task. Neighborhood composting is an amazing way to connect with your community and complete the natural cycle from garden to table and back again in Maine

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